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Fire Sprinkler System Design

Some portion of guaranteeing a structure's security is by introducing a fire sprinkler framework. A fire in any structure whatsoever could prompt critical harms including auxiliary harm.

 Fire sprinkler frameworks help in slaughtering off fire quick and in alarming the inhabitants of the structure before it spreads, consequently contributing significantly to fire security in workplaces, homes and any business condition.

One may feel that working with heat proof materials is sufficient. Be that as it may, fire can emerge from the most peculiar of materials or electrical machines.

In this way, introducing fire sprinkler frameworks will additionally add to fire security in your structure. This article includes the fire sprinkler framework structure and why it is important.

Fire Sprinkler System Design 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

J'ai commandé un dévidoir mural Gardena chez le marchant Alexis Robert via le site Il était environ 15 % moins cher que chez LeroyMerlin, et les frais de port étaient gratuits . Le site semblant sérieux et les avis sur le web étant globalement bons, j'ai passé commande en demandant une livraison en point relai.
Ma femme a récupéré le colis dans le point relai qui était une société vendant des cartouches d'imprimantes; la personne lui ayant donné le colis était un jeune vendeur dont le métier n'était clairement pas de restituer des colis qui lui a juste demandé de signer sur un terminal tactile (donc aucune mention du type "attention, si vous signez, n'oubliez pas de vérifier le colis avant").
Elle le ramène chez nous. 1 heure après, je vois le carton, qui semble pas mal abîmé, avec plein de scotch de la Poste autour pour le maintenir. Je me dis que ce n'est pas grave car ce qui compte c'est le produit.
Je déballe, et là je vois que le logo "Gardena" sur le pistolet du dévidoir est complètement passé, que le plastique du produit n'a pas l'air tout jeune, ...bref, qu'il a vécu. Mais surtout, je remarque que le plaque de support mural est fendue et donc ne peut supporter le poids du dévidoir.
En conclusion: au lieu d'un produit neuf, on m'a envoyé un produit d'occasion et de surcroît cassé.
J'ai de suite pris des photos que j'ai envoyé via une réclamation sur le site manomano.
Après de nombreux échanges avec le vendeur et ManoMano, ils ne veulent rien faire pour moi et se cachent derrière le fait que ma femme n'ait pas refusé le colis (ce qu'elle aurait du faire, j'en convient).
Tout ce qu'ils me proposent, c'est de renvoyer le dévidoir à mes frais (un carton d'1 m par 40 cm et pesant bien 20 kg, je ne sais pas combien ça me couterait à envoyer) pour demander un SAV sur le produit!
Est-ce qu'il y a une démarche que je pourrais entreprendre pour qu'ils récupèrent le produit d'occasion et défectueux à leurs frais pour m'envoyer un produit neuf tel que je l'ai commandé.
Merci beaucoup d'avance!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Eway Rapid and Magento Integration Guide

All requests to eWAY’s Rapid API need to be authenticated using basic authentication. This uses the eWAY API Key and Password in the username and password fields respectively.
This authentication is sent in the HTTP header, most frameworks and libraries provide a way to set these. The eWAY SDKs accept the API key & password along with the endpoint (sandbox or production) when they are initialised.

Creating an eWAY Sandbox API key

1. You will need an eWAY Partner Account – if you don’t have an account, sign up for free!
2. Navigate to the Sandbox using the link below for your country
  • Sandbox Australia
  • Sandbox New Zealand
3. Go to My Account > API Key
4. Your Rapid API Key will be displayed in the API Key field
5. Click Generate Password to create a password for the key. A password can only be viewed once after it has been generated – if you forget it a new one can be generated by clicking Generate Password again (the old one will no longer work).

Install TrexleMagento module by browsing to the root folder of your Magento installation and issuing modman clone You can also download the module from our github repository and see full installation details.
In your Magento admin interface, browse into System/Configuration.

Browse into Sales/Payments, and configure Trexle with live and test API endpoints and your Trexle API keys, then click Save Config

Finally, create a test product, logout from your admin session, and test the normal customer checkout.
There are several test credit card numbers available to use. All provided test cards listed will pass a Luhn check, however all the below cards will be declined on the live gateway.
Visa – 4444333322221111
Mastercard – 5105105105105100 / 2223000048400011 / 2223520043560014
Amex – 378282246310005
Diners – 38520000023237 or 30569309025904
Q. What expiry date should be used?
A. Any valid(future) expiry date can be passed with the card.

Q. What Name should be used?
A. Any name can be used, we recommend using eWAY test to identify these as your test payments in the live gateway.

Q. If a CVN is required, what number can be used?
A. If CVN’s are required for testing the following formats should be used:
Visa/Mastercard/Diners – Any 3 digits
Amex – Any 4 digits
Q. What result will the eWAY test card (4444333322221111) receive on the live gateway?
A. On the live gateway, this card will always fail, usually with the error 58 Function Not Permitted to Terminal or 92 Unable To Route Transaction.

Monday, January 14, 2019

For most people, buying a house means purchasing their most expensive asset. In other words, it must be handled with great care if you hope to protect—and capitalize on—your investment.
The home-buying process is often unique to the people who buy homes and to the individual properties and homes that are purchased. While some purchases are straight forward, others can come with many twists, turns and challenges.
The following thoughts and tips are compiled from people who purchased homes. They are presented here so that home buyers, whether first time or seasoned, can benefit from the experiences of others. They may just help you make more informed decisions, maintain control, and reduce the stress that comes with the home-buying process.
Tip No. 1 Understand What Home Ownership Is and Is Not.
Some people mistakenly believe that because they own a home and the land that it is located on they can do whatever they like with what they own. This is not reality. First of all, in Canada we do not actually own the land on which our homes are situated. We own rights to the land as detailed in the land title applicable to our property. Moreover, our property use is regulated by local zoning bylaws and our land titles often have restrictions on them. In addition, there are building codes that apply to the construction and renovation of our homes. Knowing and understanding the rights that do and do not come with land and home ownership is important.
Tip No. 2 Confirm That You are Indeed Ready for Home Ownership.
Home ownership is a big decision that comes with responsibilities. It involves a large upfront purchase and it will involve ongoing maintenance and upkeep to preserve the value of what you initially buy. As well, there are risks associated with home ownership such as fires, floods and earthquakes that should be addressed through the purchase of appropriate insurance that often comes with additional costs.
Tip No. 3 Know Why What is Driving Your Home Purchase Plans.
While this may sound silly, the point being made here is to ensure that you have thought about the reason for your purchase and the consequences of not making the purchase. For example, if you are being relocated by your employer, you may have a limited amount of time to buy a home. Think about the consequences of not finding the home that you want in the time frame that you have set or the one that has been set for you. If you need to find a home in a new location in a short period of time, your motivation will be different than if you have no time constraints. Time is often directly connected to price, especially when others are competing to buy the same home as you. If you must buy, and you find the perfect home for you, you may be more inclined to pay more to secure it than if you have all the time in the world to buy, and you are not set on buying a specific home.
Tip No. 4 Know and Prepare Your Credit Rating.
If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future, do not forget to ensure that you are doing all that you can to get your credit rating in good shape. Start by asking for your credit report. the first time that you apply for a mortgage and then find out that you are not able to obtain one. Scores range from 300 to 900 in Canada and they are produced under brand names such as FICO, Beacon and Empirica. A good credit rating will often mean that you will qualify for a larger loan, lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. Do everything that you can now to improve your credit rating. Pay your bills on time, pay off or pay down credit cards, loans and other obligations that affect your credit worthiness.
Tip No. 5 Understand the Difference Between a Mortgage Broker and Lender.
Most financial institutions will employ mortgage officers and they will be happy to discuss your mortgage options by explaining their products to you. A mortgage broker is not affiliated with a specific institution and they will be able to discuss a range of products from different institutions with you.
Tip No. 6 Shop around for a Mortgage.
Before you start to look for a home, shop around for the mortgage lender or mortgage broker that you will want to deal with. Mortgage brokers will examine a number of options for you in order to find you the best mortgage rates from a number of different financial institutions. Mortgage lenders are limited to what their specific financial institution offers. By shopping around for the best rates, you may save yourself thousands of dollars over the longer term when it comes to taking out a mortgage. Understand the difference between an open and closed mortgage and decide what is appropriate for your financial needs. Remember to ask lots of questions about terms and conditions. You should also ask about pre-payment options and pre-payment penalties should you decide later that you want to pay down the mortgage sooner or pay off the mortgage earlier. While interest rates may separate the different financial institutions, often so do their terms and conditions of the mortgage.
Tip No. 7 Suspect a quote that is too good to be true.
It’s a cliché but it’s true. If something seems too good to be true, it generally is. If one broker quotes you an unbelievable rate and everyone else is in another ballpark, run for the exit. As a minimum, investigate what is being proposed further and through a different source. All lenders have to function in the same economic world, and a rate out of line with everyone else’s is cause for skepticism and concern.
Tip No. 8 Know the law related to financing.
Many people who take out residential loans and mortgages are not always conversant with the law that governs financial institutions in Canada. For example, Section 10 of the Interest Act provides for the right of prepayment in circumstances where principle or interest under a mortgage are payable more than five years after the “date of the mortgage”. The mortgage can be prepaid in full after the expiry of the five-year term, together with an additional payment equal to three months interest. No additional payments or penalties can be charged by the lender. This is important to know if you take out a mortgage term of more than five years and after five years find yourself in a position to pay off the mortgage. As another example, Section 8 of the Interest Act prevents a lender from charging a higher rate of interest following a default on a mortgage or real property than that charged during the term of the mortgage. Remember that laws are regularly updated and changed so it is always wise to stay up to date on the current version of the Act in question. Know your financial rights before you take out a loan or mortgage to prevent surprises down the road.
Tip No. 9 Get financially pre-qualified.
There is a difference between getting prequalified for a mortgage and getting pre-approved for one. Prequalified means that you have been provided an indication of how much money you can borrow for a mortgage after meeting with a mortgage broker (or lender), but you are not pre-approved. By getting pre-qualified you will obtain a sense of how much you may be able to borrow.
Tip No. 10 Know the Standard costs of home buying.
Know all of the standard costs, and the more typical potential costs associated with the purchase of a home. This is an area that a competent real estate agent should be able to help you. In British Columbia, property transfer taxes and legal fees can add up to thousands of dollars. If applicable, mortgage insurance can add to the bill. There are also other costs associated with the purchase, not to mention the costs of moving. By knowing what to expect ahead of time, you can properly plan to make offers within your budget.
Tip No. 11 Do an Initial Number Crunch.
After you get financially pre-qualified and you know the standard costs of buying a home do an initial calculation to determine how much you can afford to spend on a home. Factor in your other expenses (current and planned). This will give you a starting point.
Tip No. 12 Assess your wants and needs.
We all would like to live in the home of our dreams, but we often have to make trade-offs when we are buying a home that is already built and we have a specific budget that we must live within. Think about and write down all of the things that you must have (needs) in a home to be happy with it. Then write down all of the things that you would like to have (wants) in your perfect home. Prioritize your wants. While you may find your perfect home, in most cases you will have to make compromises. The home buying process is generally more enjoyable when you know what you are looking for ahead of time and can focus on finding the home that will meet your needs and some of your wants.
Tip No. 13 Measure your current home.
As part of the preparation for the purchase of a new home, know what you are living in at the moment. Measure the main rooms and make notes on how much furniture will need to be accommodated in the new home. Take these notes with you when you see a home that seriously interests you. Measure the main rooms to ensure that they are large enough to accommodate your furniture. Sometimes homes are staged and furniture is reduced to the minimum amount to make rooms look larger than they are. Do not be fooled by this. It does not matter how the home looks with the seller’s furniture in it. What matters is how your furniture will fit and look in the new home. Modify your wants and needs list accordingly.
Tip No. 14 Consider Today and Tomorrow.
While you may be focused on your current needs and wants do not forget to consider how they might change a few years down the road. A young couple considering having children may find that their needs change when those of the soon to be children are considered. Similarly a couple on the verge of retirement may include different things on the list than they would while still working.
Tip No. 15 Buying Green Pays off Down the Road.
While there continues to be debate on exactly what constitutes a green home, there is consensus that having a green home should save you money, and provide you with a healthier environment. Look for things such as energy efficient windows, heat pumps, furnaces, and hot water tanks to save you money over the longer term. Clean air, water and good lighting in a home is important to a healthy environment. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation produces a pamphlet that can be downloaded for free called Healthy Housing Practical Tips for Your Home that can be downloaded from the following link. CMHC Healthy Housing Practical Tips for your Home
Tip No. 16 Take a Preliminary Look Online.
The internet is a great tool that will help you evaluate your wants and needs list against your budget. Take a look online to get a sense of what is available in the general area to which you will be relocating. If they are close you are ready to go to the next step. If your wants and needs list is significantly higher than your estimated home-buying budget take another look at the list and trim it down.
Tip No. 17 Search for and engage a Competent Local Realtor.
As a buyer you do not pay for the services of a realtor so why would you not want expert advice to help you with the home-buying process? The challenge is to find a competent local realtor who has expert local knowledge and who will help you find what you need. All real estate agents are not alike. Do not call listing agents. They work for the seller. Connect with and engage a realtor who will work exclusively for you as a buyer on a client basis. Now that you have done your basic homework and have enlisted the help of a local expert you are ready to start the process.
Tip No. 18 Ask Your Agent to Explain Agency and the Local Market to You.
Within British Columbia, real estate agents can provide real estate services to home-buyers on either a customer or client basis. Do not accept receiving services as a customer. If the agent does not offer you a client relationship find another agent. As well, do not accept dual agency as a client. Under dual agency the agent is asking to represent both sides of a potential deal. This is not in your best interests as a buyer. As of the writing of this article this is covered in the publication called Working With a Realtor – Designated Agency. The law and the corresponding agency regulation may have changed. Ensure that you have the most up-to-date version so that you know your rights as a buyer and what the agent will be providing you in terms of the information and advice that you need to buy a home. Other provinces and countries will have similar laws that outline the professional relationship that you can have with a real estate agent. Find out which one applies to having a real estate agent represent you exclusively and most effectively and completely as a home buyer. Get more information from the BCREA brochure on Working with a Realtor that is available as a PDF in the following link BCREA Working with a Realtor Brochure
Tip No. 19 Get financially pre-approved.
When you are ready to start looking for a home, get financially pre-approved.. Pre-approval means that you have provided a broker (or lender) with written evidence of your income, expenses, credit and other financial information and the financial institution has confirmed that you will be approved for a mortgage up to a specified amount and under specified conditions. Make sure you get the pre-approval in writing. Once you are pre-approved, much of the work toward obtaining an actual mortgage has been done. Getting pre-approved has two distinct advantages. For you, it means that your shopping experience will be less stressful because you have something in writing from the broker (or lender) stating how much money you will be able to borrow under a number of specified conditions. From a seller’s perspective, your offer will generally carry more weight against competing offers from people who are not pre-approved.
Tip No. 20 Disclose.
Do not withhold things from your mortgage lender, real estate agent or any other professional helping you with your real estate purchase. It is better to address potential problems head on and work out solutions than to withhold something and have it come back to bite you later on.
Tip No. 21 Avoid large purchases during the Mortgage Loan Process.
You have to have a shiny new car to go with that brand new house, right? Wrong! If you need to obtain a mortgage approval to buy your new home, do not do this during your mortgage loan approval process. Large expenditures made before or during this process will jump out during a credit check and they can hurt your debt-to-income ratio, especially if you are taking on a long-term obligation like a car loan. Other major purchases (expensive home appliances, furniture, vacations, etc.) should also be avoided during this timeframe for the same reason. Bottom line – do not do anything while applying for a loan that will diminish your financial health.
Tip No. 22 Avoid changing jobs or retiring during the Mortgage Loan Process.
For the same reasons given in the previous tip, changing jobs or retiring during the mortgage loan approval process is generally not a good idea. Changing jobs within the same field for more money is not necessarily a bad thing, but changing career fields could call into question your ability to repay the mortgage from a lender’s perspective. Be sure to talk to your lender about any changes in your situation like this so that you do not end up with any unpleasant surprises.
Tip No. 23 Remember to set aside money for the deposit.
When making an offer, most sellers will want a deposit to be deposited within some period of time of the offer being accepted. Sometimes they will also want the deposit increased when all conditions are removed. Remember to set aside enough money to cover these possibilities. Losing your dream home to another buyer because you did not have enough money set aside for a deposit would probably not sit well with you or your family.
Tip No. 24 Borrow only what you need.
Most of us would like the nicest home that we can afford but sometimes that will take us a bit beyond our comfort zone financially. Being pre-approved for a larger loan does not mean that you have to take it. Ensure that you have considered all of the other expenses and that your leave yourself something extra for life’s unexpected expenses such as the transmission in your car or truck letting go at just the wrong time. “When it rains, it pours” is a saying that seems so true when unexpected expenses arrive in bunches.
Tip No. 25 New or Resale?
While there may be many homes on the market, they generally all have their advantages and disadvantages. Before starting to look for the home that will meet your needs, consider whether or not you want to buy property and build a home to suit your needs or whether or not you will be satisfied with the purchase of a home that is already on the market. Get to know what the difference in price and time will be when building new versus buying a home on the market If for example, it will cost 20% more to build new in the current market than to buy used, would you not want to know that up front? When building, there are many things to think about ahead of time to ensure that you get the home that you anticipate. A good builder can help you with the process. Consider the total time involved – the wait time to engage the builder and the time it takes the builder to build the home and transfer title to you. Wait times of 6 months to a year for a good builder in a busy market are not unreasonable. Build times vary greatly. If a builder tells you that they can build a home in 8 weeks and another tells you it will take 6 to 8 months find out why there is such a difference. If you are looking for something that is already on the market, expect to have to do some work such as painting after you move in. While you may find the home that meets all of your needs that is in move in ready condition, these types of “finds” are less common that the ones requiring some work. Do not be surprised if some work is needed after you move in.
Tip No. 26 Start Online but View in Person.
While viewing homes online bear in mind that online listings can often make a home appear quite differently than what the home will look like when viewed in person. Smells, the feel and warmth that a specific home may exude in real life cannot be replicated online. Use all of our senses to assess a home that you view in person and trust your instincts.
Tip No. 27 Get to know the Local Real Estate Market.
While many different things can and often do affect real estate markets, all real estate markets are local. Even when a particular real estate market like the Comox Valley may be exhibiting some sort of trend, a specific neighbourhood may be displaying the opposite trend. It is important to understand the type of real estate market that you are buying into so that you do not over pay. It is also important to know the kind of homes that are typically found in a specific neighbourhood so that you do not purchase one that is lacking some of the major features incorporated into all of the other homes in the area. For example, most homes in a particular neighbourhood are rancher style homes with 3-4 bedrooms. One home just came on the market at a price slightly below the market. It is a two story home with 2 bedrooms. How well might this home sell in relation to the others when it comes time to sell it in a buyer’s market? Your realtor should be able to help you and provide you with the information and advice that you need o the local market.
Tip No. 28 Look for your new home objectively
This is easy to say and sometimes hard to do. When you start looking for a home try and remain objective about what you see compared to the list of needs and wants that you prepared. Home buying can often be an emotional experience. While an emotional attachment to your home is understandable, too much of an emotional attachment to a home when you are a buyer can result in too high an offer and/or something important being overlooked in the home. By remaining objective about the homes that you see, you will often be better off than if you “fall in love” with one too early in the buying process. Be prepared to walk away if your best offer is rejected.
Tip No. 29 First Impressions are Important
First impressions of the home and the surrounding neighbourhood are important. When you first drive into the driveway, the overall welcoming impression for most people is very important, from the colour of the front door to how the house fits on the lot. The same can be said for the impression you get from the home when you first walk through the front door. Trust your senses and instincts.
Tip No. 30 Create a Contenders List.
Normally looking for a home is a process of elimination. Take the ones that you know do not work for you off the list right away and do not spend much time looking at them. Spend your time with the ones that are real possibilities. Create a list of contending homes and try to reduce it to a handful or less. Once you have a short list of contenders, it is time to get more serious.
Tip No. 31 Take a second or even third look.
The first time that you view a home, details often get missed. If the home is a serious contender do back for a second look and have a list of things to confirm. On more rare occasions You may even want to go back for a third look to make sure before you write an offer. If you first viewed the home at night, go back in the daytime the next time so that you can see details that may not have been obvious.
Tip No. 32 Measure the Home.
While a potential new home may have all of the features you need for the price that you are willing to pay, check to make sure you can get all of your furniture up and down stairs, through doors, etc. Also check to see how much room there is in the garage. Will your vehicles fit? Do not rely on listing information for room sizes etc. Measure to make sure the home will meet your needs.
Tip No. 33 Consider the Home Day/Night All Seasons.
Before committing to an offer on a home ensure that you see if during the day and at night. Does it have enough natural light coming in when the weather is dark and dreary? Will there be issues when it rains or snows? Slope of yard and access are example associated with the latter points.
Tip No. 34 Confirm Neighbourhood and Location.
Buying a home is also about being comfortable that an area or neighbourhood also meets your needs. How fare are you away from the amenities that are important to you? Does the commute work for you? Does the neighbourhood work for you? Buying the most expensive home in a neighbourhood or over-building in a specific area may not bring the best resale value when it comes time to sell.
Tip No. 35 Have Your Agent Prepare the Offer.
Once you have selected the home that you plan to go after, sit down with your agent and discuss price, deposit, dates and terms and conditions. Offers without conditions should be rare. Most people need a mortgage and therefore the offer will be subject to obtaining a mortgage approval. Other conditions are often necessary to check out things associated with the home. Real estate agents do not know everything about every home you view but they should know where to go to get additional information for you during the condition removal process.
Tip No. 36 Understand before signing.
Most offers to purchase contain conditions that are for the benefit of the seller, buyer, or both parties. Ensure that you understand all of them before submitting an offer or responding to a counter offer. Do not just leave this to your real estate agent. If the agent cannot explain what they all mean to your satisfaction, get a different agent who can. Sometimes we may be in a hurry and are tempted to sign documents without thoroughly reading them. Do not do it. Once you have a legally binding contract, you are bound by what is written in the contract. This applies to your mortgage documents and the Offer of Purchase and Sale, and any other real estate related documents that you may be asked to sign. The courts do not accept ignorance of the contents as an excuse for not following through on a written contract. If you do not speak or read the language of the written contract well, get someone to interpret it fully for you. Once again, the courts do not accept language as an excuse for not understanding what you sign. Do not sign unless you understand the document fully and agree to its terms and conditions.
Tip No. 37 Ensure that everyone to be on Title is on the Offer.
All of the eventual owners of the home should be party to all parts of the real estate buying process. There are fewer complications, and it may save you time and money later. Even if someone has to be away during a part of the process, there is a solution. A power of attorney can be used effectively for one party to sign on behalf of another when the other party cannot physically be there to sign documents.
Tip No. 38 Get it in writing.
All agreements related to the real estate purchasing process should be in writing. While it sometimes may be tempting to sweeten an offer with the addition of something not contained in the written offer, do not do it. If the agreement does not directly relate to the real estate transaction, write up a separate offer. This also pertains to other things such as the mortgage pre-approval. Make sure the details are provided to you in writing, and that they address the mortgage rate, terms and conditions, and for how long the rate is locked in. Even when it is not intentional, people’s memories can fail them or become fuzzy on details. Having it in writing avoids unnecessary headaches later on.
Tip No. 39 Inspect.
Conditional offers will often contain subjects related to inspections. Home inspections are a basic consideration for every home purchase. Good home inspectors can find things you may miss. Some have instruments such as thermal imaging that can see things that the human eye cannot. Home inspections are important. There are also many other types of inspections that could be done on a specific home and/or property. If a home is not connected to municipal water and sewer systems, septic and water (quantity and quality) inspections may be prudent. There are many other types of inspections that could be required to adequately investigate the condition of a home and/or property.
Tip No. 40 Investigate.
In addition to inspections, there are other conditions that provide for the investigation of a home with agencies such as municipal authorities. If a home has had major alternations without the required permits, a suite added with a permit, or the property used for unlawful purposes, are these not things that might interest you as a home buyer? Your insurance company likely will. In BC, sellers are required by law to disclose latent defects associated with home or property but the buyer is responsible to investigate patent defects. Your real estate agent can help you with this process but at the end of the day, you, as buyer, are responsible for your decisions and “Buyer Beware” is part of the real estate buying process. A review of the title and Property Disclosure Statement are fairly standard conditions but there may be a need for others associated with a specific property.
Tip No. 41 Shop for home insurance early.
Smart buyers will start shopping for home insurance when they have an accepted offer. There is a lot to do when you are buying a home. If you wait until the last minute to find home insurance, you may find that there is no time to shop around for the best deal.
Tip No. 42 Time is of the essence.
“Time is of the essence” is a phrase that you will find in most, if not all, real estate contracts. This means that you should get things done – such as the removal of conditions in an offer – in a timely manner. Do not wait until the last minute to get things done. For example, if you have agreed to get a home inspection done within 7 days, do not wait until the last day to arrange for the inspection. Unexpected delays can, and do, happen. If you have agreed to do something in a specified amount of time and you do not get it done by then, there can be complications you generally would rather avoid. The same holds true for turning in documents for mortgage purposes. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
Tip No. 43 Make sure that your home qualifies.
Even when you are pre-approved for a mortgage, the home you purchase must also be approved. There are two considerations. The first is financial and the second concerns the home itself. If you pay much more for your home than the financial institution appraises the home for, they may not give you the full amount of what you are expecting to mortgage. In essence, the home must also qualify for a mortgage. It is also important that the home not have any major things wrong with it that could jeopardize it qualifying for a mortgage. When talking to your mortgage specialist, ask about what kinds of things in your area may fall into these categories. While most homes do qualify, occasionally some do not. Before you remove conditions and buy the home, ensure that the mortgage approval includes approval of the home at the price you have agreed to pay.
Tip No. 44 Condition Removal Means SOLD.
The removal of conditions on an offer means you, as the buyer, are committing to buying the home. Ensure that you are satisfied with the inspections and investigations before you do.
Tip No. 45 Lawyer or Notary for Title Transfer.
The transfer of the title of the property from the seller to you and of the money paid by you to the seller is the job of a lawyer or notary. Know which one you need based on what you are buying.
There are many more tips that can be passed on. Please feel free to contact me if you would like help buying your next home. As a real estate agent, my goal is to be as helpful as I possibly can to area buyers so that they know they will have peace of mind when they hire me to help them find their new homes. I hope this special report provided you with the information you need.

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  • The creation of a sales tunnel necessary for the hosting of pages dedicated to the presentation and sale of your products and services
  • Management of financial transactions such as collection and delivery of the digital product to the customer
Because centralizes all of these features in one tool , you can unclog your site, many tools previously required to achieve your capture pages, to manage your lists. e-mails, the creation of your sales tunnels as well as your various financial operations. simplifies your business while providing you with greater flexibility and flexibility that will prove effective for more complex strategic operations.
In short, we have here a great alternative to Learnybox or Clickfunnels ! In the rest of this article, I give you my detailed opinion on some features of the platform.
Click Here to Discover Free For 14 Days!
Systeme has recently reached the 1000 customers 7 months only after its launch , making it the first all-in-one solution on the French market to sell on the Internet! The genesis of the all-in-one marketing tool

All you have to do is learn about the creator to understand that the appearance of is anything but risky .
It is not without saying that behind this start-up hides a young thirty-something French, particularly famous in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship on the Internet.
Perhaps you will have recognized it, it is about Aurélien Amacker.
Due to its reputation in the French-language web, Aurélien Amacker is now able to capitalize on his audience.
A situation which confers on him a capacity of quality analysis, thanks to the feedbacks of his customers concerning the problems encountered during the use of tools that he himself exploited .
Indeed, this successful young entrepreneur has been working on the Internet since 2010. Throughout his career, he has steadily increased his audience of clients and entrepreneurs.
These last ones having for common passion that of our protagonist, they thus became loyal to his YouTube videos, posted daily .

Behind the scenes of the creation of

When discovering the CRM Ontraport software (which has a contact management) , Aurélien Amacker tried to configure it, but had to face many problems during its use.
Among these, he refers to the fact that:
  • Ontraport was not compatible with Stripe
  • An impossibility to customize the order form
  • Its price of over $ 300 a month is so huge
After several months of fighting without being able to fully use all the features of the Ontraport tool, Aurélien Amacker decided to have his own solution developed to meet his specific infopreneur / webmarketeur needs .
After some surveys and surveys of his clients, he discovers that many entrepreneurs may also be interested in using a flexible and robust tool for managing e-mail marketing, promotion and marketing. online sales.
Determined to take up the challenge, he surrounds himself with a team of Russian developers , to develop for several months, the tool in SAS mode.

Aurélien Amacker: The journey of this seasoned infopreneur

Like many beginners, it is through a simple blog that the current entrepreneur has taken his first steps.
Sharing his rather personal experiences, he explained to all how he managed to make money on the Internet .
Through his many videos, Aurélien Amacker has continuously shared his experience and his adventure around This same means of communication, which he will use to maintain his ratings, as to the evolution of his tool.
For the sake of efficiency, it will bring its subscribers to contribution by soliciting their opinions and preferences , concerning all the proposed features.
This process will allow him to respond to his personal problems while taking into account the needs and difficulties encountered by his clientele.
It is following the launch of a product realized in 2010 that it will be propelled on the front of the stage alongside the biggest French marketers (Olivier Roland, Sébastien Night, etc.). A first success story that will earn him a place on the French-speaking market.
A deserved place that gives him the opportunity to teach – to who wishes – an effective methodology to make his passion profitable by means of a blog.
Over the course of months and years, Aurélien Amacker has been able to adapt its training and product offerings to ensure support of increasing quality, aimed at resolving the many problems faced by its clientele.
Until the day when, leaving the beaten track, he will write a book and offer a subscription offer at a broken price. This in order to help the maximum number of people to live a profitable activity on the Internet.
“I make a living with my blog”: The consecration of Aurélien Amacker!
The publication of a book is an event that a contractor often achieves only once in his life .
Aurélien Amacker published in 2014 a book ” I make a living with my blog ” in which he traces his career.
Explaining how he managed to finance his vacation and lifestyle through his blog , he will also detail the implementation of its new business support for customers wishing to do the same.
You can also receive it immediately and for free by clicking here .
I make a living with my blog

The Business Pass for beginners of the web

If in the early days it was necessary to pay several hundred euros to benefit from training Aurélien Amacker and to have the privilege of being a customer, today, the launch of its Business Pass changes the deal.
In fact, this monthly subscription provides each month, a quality training at the lowest price, to accompany you on the duration and that, until the final completion of your project.
Because it is rare to get immediate results, the Business Pass is perfect for those new to online marketing .
Thanks to this subscription form, you are guaranteed to follow all the steps necessary for a training worthy of the name.
If your interest is in creating a business via the Internet to generate additional revenue, then the Business Pass is by far the best investment.
This is because you will have all Aurélien Amacker products , which will allow you to cover all topics related to the creation of a profitable online business.
To learn more about the Business Pass, you can click here .
You can also discover below Aurélien Amacker’s flagship trainings:
  1. “Earn 2k € per month by working 1h per week”
  2. “The New System That Pays Big”

Aurélien Amacker, 1 st beta tester for his startup

Regarding the creator of, it is normal for Aurelien Amacker to be the first to fully use his own tool to manage the Internet marketing of his various blogs and activities on the Internet.
That’s why he migrated his two main businesses online. Is :
  • A blog dedicated to learning English and on which he sells a dedicated methodology for this purpose
  • His activity of trainer in marketing which represents today for him, more than 90% of his incomes
Although Systè allowed him to optimize his two successful online businesses , it did not happen overnight.
At first, he had to make sure that his blog of learning the English language worked automatically 100%.
In a second time he had to migrate to all his contacts , formerly on Aweber.
However, the results achieved through his tool have been above expectations.
Indeed, the fact of having left Aweber allowed him to increase the differentiability of his e-mails , which led to the increase of the number of people having seen and consulted the offers. And ultimately, a significant increase in turnover .
Indeed, uses SendGrid as a provider for sending e-mails. SendGrid is one of the best e-mail sending providers since specialized on the subject.
The latter far exceeds the performance that can be obtained with conventional autoresponders such as Aweber, SG-autoresponder or MailChimp.

Systemeio: Will it meet YOUR web-entrepreneur needs? is an all-in-one tool for managing all of your Internet marketing .
It allows you to create forms to invite targets to leave their e-mail address, easily upload capture pages and manage their e-mail lists.
The tool is 100% available in French and many features are added on a regular basis (such as bump orders, recently) to meet all the needs and expectations of the first users.
Aware that this solution is brand new, Aurélien Amacker relies heavily on the feedback of its users to improve its tool and to offer a product of excellence in the market of online marketing. An autoresponder or a CRM?

Systè is a complete software that is much more efficient than conventional autoresponders on the French market, such as Aweber, Mailchimp or SG-autorépondeur, used by many entrepreneurs on the web. (And it’s cheaper!) is rather to be considered as a CRM; is a management tool for its prospects and customers complete.
Indeed, the traditional autoresponders propose a use based on lists .
This is a provision of a list of subscribers, wishing to receive your newsletter, with forms that you can put on your website or blog.
As part of a product sale, you will have in this situation a list of customers, including those who have already purchased one of your products or services. In this same situation, if you want to make a limited-time promotional offer, you will have the opportunity to target prospects who are not yet customers .
This is how many people and online entrepreneurs work today. A solution that proves to be relevant in the short term, but can limit and slow down your business in the case of its expansion.
In fact, in case you need to perform more complex operations , this structure could hinder the implementation of certain strategies.
In the vision of CRM such as, we observe a structure of contact type, which allows to centralize all of our contacts. His contacts have attributes (or “tags” in English) that can be associated with them, such as the tag “client” for example.
The advantage of this solution lies both in the simplicity of its implementation and in its intuitive use in everyday life .
A banal operation that can become laborious when using a conventional autoresponder, as the fact of removing from a certain list a prospect or a customer who has just purchased a product or service. With this tag template, you only need to add or remove specific attributes associated with your contacts. Rates and an accessible subscription

Aurélien Amacker has emphasized his desire to offer a tool with very high added value for his future customers and this in order to unlock and help a maximum of web-entrepreneurs to sell on the Internet.
As such, the rates are very interesting, since this solution allows you to benefit from a turnkey tool that manages all of your online marketing!

Farewell Clickfunnels, Mailchimp … !

And that by getting rid once and for all of the multitude of interconnected elements such as a gas plant.
Thus you will pay only one monthly subscription for a cost much lower than the costs generated by all the tools you would have to connect them. To know :
  • 27 $ per month for the “Startup” offer with unlimited everything except: 5000 contacts, 3 member sites maximum and 0 automatic webinar
  • 47 $ per month for the “Webinars” offer with unlimited everything except: 10000 contacts, 3 member sites and 3 automatic webinars per month maximum
  • 97 $ per month for the “Enterprise” offer with unlimited everything except: 15000 contacts maximum
It should be noted that this solution has a ” Freemium ” offer, which allows you to test the tool free of charge for 14 days without removing your credit card. This is a significant advantage to ensure that it fits your expectations.
To do this, simply click here to create your account and start your trial period .
With this test formula, no risk of buying a product that does not satisfy you. The process is simple: you register, you test by yourself and see if the tool is useful for your business .
This is the advantage of having at the head of the startup a seasoned entrepreneur, aware of the blockages that some confreres or customers reluctant to pay several hundred euros for products or services they do not know their true efficiencies.
Some user reviews from

Roadmap: Other features planned for the coming months

  • Adding an alternative payment processor to Stripe (for anyone who can not use Stripe)
  • Adding features in the auto-responder
  • Split-tests (A / B tests) in the page editor
  • Reduction code creation system
  • Visual editor for automation
  • Marketplace to promote affiliate training of other users
  • Show users what videos they have watched and improve navigation for members of trainings

Strengths of

  • The cheapest all-in-one marketing tool on the market! Nothing to do with Clickfunnels or others rates.
  • Very easy to use and to use
  • All the tools you need in one place (training space, autoresponder, video hosting, capture and sales pages, etc.)
  • Possibility of selling your physical products for your business ecommerce (in dropshipping or not)
  • Modern and formidable design
  • The cream of the crop of webmarketing features (order bumps, 1-click upsells, automated webinars, affiliate system, etc.)
  • A product for webentrepreneurs, by a webentrepreneur
  • Very frequent updates (improvements, new features, bug fixes) as you can see above
    Tested and approved by already almost 1000 customers! weaknesses:

  • Training tools hitherto a little neglected compared to marketing features
  • Lack of templates in the page editor
  • Few tutorials currently
  • No advanced features in the autoresponder compared to competitors
  • Impossibility for the moment to perform A / B tests


With , you can test without any risk and benefit from the free trial for 14 days. So, you will only have to see for yourself if the paid formula will be profitable for you in the long run.
In any case on our side, we are seduced by this choice alternative to Learnybox and Clickfunnels .
Even if some minor options are still missing and will arrive sooner or later, is a success story for both the infopreneurs and the webmarketers who have tried it.
Not to mention that its price is ridiculous compared to other tools on the market!
Systeme io or clickfunnels

Nowadays there are many tools that can be used to help you manage your online business. It’s easy to find them, but it’s a bit harder to choose the best one. In this article, we are going to review, the funnel app created by Aurélien Amacker.

For most companies, they are using content to promote their products. So the goal is to use a software that is allowed to attract traffic on specific keywords, have the visitors subscribing to a newsletter and then trying to provide value to this prospects. In the end, you get the trust of the prospects and they will be willing to buy your product. It’s the fundamental of content marketing and funnel let you handle it from the discovery up to the sale. reviews: what is it? is an online application thought to help you successfully manage your business in an online environment and follow your digital marketing strategy much easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling products or advertising services online. This app will save you a lot of time, at the same time as it helps you improve your results. gathers all the necessary characteristics you need to manage in order to run an online business:
  1. Email marketing strategy (unlimited emails)
  2. Sales funnel creation in order to have a place to locate your web pages, blogs, and an online platform used to promote your products and services
  3. Manages money transaction and the delivery of the product to the client
  4. Run evergreen automated webinars
  5. Host membership sites
  6. Control over your affiliate program

How much does a all-in-one funnel software like this cost?

If you weren’t still impressed by all the features offered by the French application (that is now open to worldwide users), you’ll surely be by its price. It costs only 27 dollars per month. Thanks to its affordable price, it is available for any type of business no matter its size, from small local business to big international enterprises. Depending on the needs of your business, you have three different offers to choose from:
  • Start offer – you pay only 27$ per month and you can enjoy an unlimited service, excepting the number of contacts allowed (only 5000), member sites (three maximum) and no access to automatic webinars.
  • Webinars offer – for only 47$ you can enjoy unlimited services, except for the number of contacts allowed (10.000), member sites (three max) and access to a maximum of three webinars per month.
  • Enterprise offer – you pay 97$ per month and have unlimited services, except for the number of contacts allowed, with has a limit of 15.000 contacts.
Moreover, you have a 14-day trial where you can try the app and see how it works and if it fits your business needs. If that’s the case, you’ll have to choose among one of the offers mentioned above. If you don’t like it you just need to delete your account.

Advantages of

There are many things that make this app a great marketing tool. Here you have some examples:
  • It is very affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest marketing tools of the market. Thanks to that, it is accessible by every business, no matter its size.
  • It combines all the elements of a digital marketing strategy under the same interface to make it easier to follow the progress and to analyze the results.
  • It offers every single tool you need to create an online presence for your business: video platform, automatic response, sales page, etc.
  • It offers automated webinars and allows clients to make their purchases with just one click. Easing the purchase procedure actually increases sales.
  • Constant updating with improvements for the application. It never gets outdated.
  • Modern design and intuitive interface. customers’ reviews has been already used by more than 1000 clients, and all of them have given a positive review of There are no negative reviews on the Internet.

Conclusion : should you use for your marketing

As a user, it’s obvious for us that this software is a must-do that an online entrepreneur must have as his toolbox. Creating funnels that convert is a priority because the world is changing and consumers are less “easy” than before. They need to receive value first, are more sensitive and have plenty of choice so it’s necessary for a business owner to forecast those goals and overcome them using a tool like or Clickfunnels.
When it comes to the price, it’s definitely what push us in the direction of it’s way cheaper, the interface is more user friendly and the features are kind of unlimited without any worry about growing our business up.
If you are still not convinced, join the free trial today on by using our special link bellow and you can enjoy testing the tool without paying anything. Then you will see by yourself if this software can help you to make your business going bigger.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Choosing the right jewelry to buy can be a confusing experience. Make it easier by using a tried and true method of success. Matching your jewelry to your face and skin tone will ensure that you will find pieces that look great on you.

Determine your skin tone. There are two reliable ways to determine what skin tone you have. The first is to look at the color of your veins. The second is to carefully look at your skin color and consider its behavior.
  • You have a cool skin tone if your veins are blue. Your hair is probably blonde, dark brown, or black. Your eyes are most likely light blue or brown.
  • You also fit into this category if you burn easily or if your skin is a pale shade or shows signs of redness.
  • You have a warm skin tone if your veins are greener. Your hair is probably red or light blonde. Your eyes are most likely bright blue, green, or hazel.You can also tell you have a warm tone if you tan easily or your skin is ebony or espresso colored.
  • You have a neutral skin tone if your skin has no obvious espresso, olive, or redness in color. Neutral skin tones tend to fit in with the cool skin tone category.

Match your skin tone with the right jewelry. Now that you know what your skin tone is, you can match your tone to the right gemstone and jewelry metal colors for a perfect personal collection that will look best on you.
  • Cool skin tone looks best with red, purple, and blue gemstones. Red stones include the ruby, garnet, and tourmaline. Purple stones include the amethyst, fluorite, and sapphire. Blue stones include the blue sapphire, topaz, and aquamarine.
  • Cool skin tone also matches best with white metals. Examples of this would be silver or white gold.
  • Warm skin tone looks best with yellow, orange, and green. Yellow/gold stones include the yellow sapphire, citrine, and zircon. Orange stones include the spessartite garnet, imperial topaz, and moonstone. Green stones include the emerald, jade, and peridot.
  • Warm skin tone also matches best with yellow metals. Examples of this would be yellow gold or copper.
  • Diamonds look good with any skin tone.

Match your skin tone with the right pearls. Pearls generally come in three shades. Most people are familiar with the traditional white pearls but there are also rose tinted pearls and silver tinted pearls. Knowing this, you can match your skin tone to the proper tint of pearls.
  • Cool skin tone looks best with the traditional white pearls and rose tinted pearls.
  • Warm skin tone matches best with silver tinted pearls, but can also pull off white pearls.
Take measurements of your face. These measurements are going to tell you what shape of face you have so you can match your face to the best jewelry that complements that shape. You will need a flexible tape measure and something to pull back your hair (like hair clips or a hair tie). It helps to look in a mirror while you are taking measurements.[12]
  • Tie back your hair so that it is out of your face. If you are using clips you can clip your hair to the back or top of your head.
  • Measure your hairline (in inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end at your left front temple (just below the hairline), and the other end at your right temple. Write down that number.
  • Measure your cheekbones (in inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end at the top of your left cheekbone (just above the apple of your cheek), and the other end at the top of your right cheekbone. Write down that number.
  • Measure your jawline (in inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end at the left edge of your jawline (just below your earlobe), and the other edge of your right jawline. Write down that number.
  • Measure the vertical length of your face (in inches or centimeters). With your tape measure, place one end at the bottom of your chin (at the very tip), and the other end at the very top of your forehead (right at your hairline or widows peak). Write down that number.