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Find out which one is the best : vs clickfunnels is an application created by Aurélien Amacker , which allows a complete and intuitive management of your Internet marketing.
As part of the exercise of a lucrative online business, this application will greatly facilitate the task.
Whether you sell products or services on the Internet , this tool will save you time and energy for effective business management.
A turnkey solution, studied to perfect the management of the pillars of an Internet business:
  • Email marketing for sending emails to prospects and customers
  • The creation of a sales tunnel necessary for the hosting of pages dedicated to the presentation and sale of your products and services
  • Management of financial transactions such as collection and delivery of the digital product to the customer
Because centralizes all of these features in one tool , you can unclog your site, many tools previously required to achieve your capture pages, to manage your lists. e-mails, the creation of your sales tunnels as well as your various financial operations. simplifies your business while providing you with greater flexibility and flexibility that will prove effective for more complex strategic operations.
In short, we have here a great alternative to Learnybox or Clickfunnels ! In the rest of this article, I give you my detailed opinion on some features of the platform.
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Systeme has recently reached the 1000 customers 7 months only after its launch , making it the first all-in-one solution on the French market to sell on the Internet! The genesis of the all-in-one marketing tool

All you have to do is learn about the creator to understand that the appearance of is anything but risky .
It is not without saying that behind this start-up hides a young thirty-something French, particularly famous in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship on the Internet.
Perhaps you will have recognized it, it is about Aurélien Amacker.
Due to its reputation in the French-language web, Aurélien Amacker is now able to capitalize on his audience.
A situation which confers on him a capacity of quality analysis, thanks to the feedbacks of his customers concerning the problems encountered during the use of tools that he himself exploited .
Indeed, this successful young entrepreneur has been working on the Internet since 2010. Throughout his career, he has steadily increased his audience of clients and entrepreneurs.
These last ones having for common passion that of our protagonist, they thus became loyal to his YouTube videos, posted daily .

Behind the scenes of the creation of

When discovering the CRM Ontraport software (which has a contact management) , Aurélien Amacker tried to configure it, but had to face many problems during its use.
Among these, he refers to the fact that:
  • Ontraport was not compatible with Stripe
  • An impossibility to customize the order form
  • Its price of over $ 300 a month is so huge
After several months of fighting without being able to fully use all the features of the Ontraport tool, Aurélien Amacker decided to have his own solution developed to meet his specific infopreneur / webmarketeur needs .
After some surveys and surveys of his clients, he discovers that many entrepreneurs may also be interested in using a flexible and robust tool for managing e-mail marketing, promotion and marketing. online sales.
Determined to take up the challenge, he surrounds himself with a team of Russian developers , to develop for several months, the tool in SAS mode.

Aurélien Amacker: The journey of this seasoned infopreneur

Like many beginners, it is through a simple blog that the current entrepreneur has taken his first steps.
Sharing his rather personal experiences, he explained to all how he managed to make money on the Internet .
Through his many videos, Aurélien Amacker has continuously shared his experience and his adventure around This same means of communication, which he will use to maintain his ratings, as to the evolution of his tool.
For the sake of efficiency, it will bring its subscribers to contribution by soliciting their opinions and preferences , concerning all the proposed features.
This process will allow him to respond to his personal problems while taking into account the needs and difficulties encountered by his clientele.
It is following the launch of a product realized in 2010 that it will be propelled on the front of the stage alongside the biggest French marketers (Olivier Roland, Sébastien Night, etc.). A first success story that will earn him a place on the French-speaking market.
A deserved place that gives him the opportunity to teach – to who wishes – an effective methodology to make his passion profitable by means of a blog.
Over the course of months and years, Aurélien Amacker has been able to adapt its training and product offerings to ensure support of increasing quality, aimed at resolving the many problems faced by its clientele.
Until the day when, leaving the beaten track, he will write a book and offer a subscription offer at a broken price. This in order to help the maximum number of people to live a profitable activity on the Internet.
“I make a living with my blog”: The consecration of Aurélien Amacker!
The publication of a book is an event that a contractor often achieves only once in his life .
Aurélien Amacker published in 2014 a book ” I make a living with my blog ” in which he traces his career.
Explaining how he managed to finance his vacation and lifestyle through his blog , he will also detail the implementation of its new business support for customers wishing to do the same.
You can also receive it immediately and for free by clicking here .
I make a living with my blog

The Business Pass for beginners of the web

If in the early days it was necessary to pay several hundred euros to benefit from training Aurélien Amacker and to have the privilege of being a customer, today, the launch of its Business Pass changes the deal.
In fact, this monthly subscription provides each month, a quality training at the lowest price, to accompany you on the duration and that, until the final completion of your project.
Because it is rare to get immediate results, the Business Pass is perfect for those new to online marketing .
Thanks to this subscription form, you are guaranteed to follow all the steps necessary for a training worthy of the name.
If your interest is in creating a business via the Internet to generate additional revenue, then the Business Pass is by far the best investment.
This is because you will have all Aurélien Amacker products , which will allow you to cover all topics related to the creation of a profitable online business.
To learn more about the Business Pass, you can click here .
You can also discover below Aurélien Amacker’s flagship trainings:
  1. “Earn 2k € per month by working 1h per week”
  2. “The New System That Pays Big”

Aurélien Amacker, 1 st beta tester for his startup

Regarding the creator of, it is normal for Aurelien Amacker to be the first to fully use his own tool to manage the Internet marketing of his various blogs and activities on the Internet.
That’s why he migrated his two main businesses online. Is :
  • A blog dedicated to learning English and on which he sells a dedicated methodology for this purpose
  • His activity of trainer in marketing which represents today for him, more than 90% of his incomes
Although Systè allowed him to optimize his two successful online businesses , it did not happen overnight.
At first, he had to make sure that his blog of learning the English language worked automatically 100%.
In a second time he had to migrate to all his contacts , formerly on Aweber.
However, the results achieved through his tool have been above expectations.
Indeed, the fact of having left Aweber allowed him to increase the differentiability of his e-mails , which led to the increase of the number of people having seen and consulted the offers. And ultimately, a significant increase in turnover .
Indeed, uses SendGrid as a provider for sending e-mails. SendGrid is one of the best e-mail sending providers since specialized on the subject.
The latter far exceeds the performance that can be obtained with conventional autoresponders such as Aweber, SG-autoresponder or MailChimp.

Systemeio: Will it meet YOUR web-entrepreneur needs? is an all-in-one tool for managing all of your Internet marketing .
It allows you to create forms to invite targets to leave their e-mail address, easily upload capture pages and manage their e-mail lists.
The tool is 100% available in French and many features are added on a regular basis (such as bump orders, recently) to meet all the needs and expectations of the first users.
Aware that this solution is brand new, Aurélien Amacker relies heavily on the feedback of its users to improve its tool and to offer a product of excellence in the market of online marketing. An autoresponder or a CRM?

Systè is a complete software that is much more efficient than conventional autoresponders on the French market, such as Aweber, Mailchimp or SG-autorépondeur, used by many entrepreneurs on the web. (And it’s cheaper!) is rather to be considered as a CRM; is a management tool for its prospects and customers complete.
Indeed, the traditional autoresponders propose a use based on lists .
This is a provision of a list of subscribers, wishing to receive your newsletter, with forms that you can put on your website or blog.
As part of a product sale, you will have in this situation a list of customers, including those who have already purchased one of your products or services. In this same situation, if you want to make a limited-time promotional offer, you will have the opportunity to target prospects who are not yet customers .
This is how many people and online entrepreneurs work today. A solution that proves to be relevant in the short term, but can limit and slow down your business in the case of its expansion.
In fact, in case you need to perform more complex operations , this structure could hinder the implementation of certain strategies.
In the vision of CRM such as, we observe a structure of contact type, which allows to centralize all of our contacts. His contacts have attributes (or “tags” in English) that can be associated with them, such as the tag “client” for example.
The advantage of this solution lies both in the simplicity of its implementation and in its intuitive use in everyday life .
A banal operation that can become laborious when using a conventional autoresponder, as the fact of removing from a certain list a prospect or a customer who has just purchased a product or service. With this tag template, you only need to add or remove specific attributes associated with your contacts. Rates and an accessible subscription

Aurélien Amacker has emphasized his desire to offer a tool with very high added value for his future customers and this in order to unlock and help a maximum of web-entrepreneurs to sell on the Internet.
As such, the rates are very interesting, since this solution allows you to benefit from a turnkey tool that manages all of your online marketing!

Farewell Clickfunnels, Mailchimp … !

And that by getting rid once and for all of the multitude of interconnected elements such as a gas plant.
Thus you will pay only one monthly subscription for a cost much lower than the costs generated by all the tools you would have to connect them. To know :
  • 27 $ per month for the “Startup” offer with unlimited everything except: 5000 contacts, 3 member sites maximum and 0 automatic webinar
  • 47 $ per month for the “Webinars” offer with unlimited everything except: 10000 contacts, 3 member sites and 3 automatic webinars per month maximum
  • 97 $ per month for the “Enterprise” offer with unlimited everything except: 15000 contacts maximum
It should be noted that this solution has a ” Freemium ” offer, which allows you to test the tool free of charge for 14 days without removing your credit card. This is a significant advantage to ensure that it fits your expectations.
To do this, simply click here to create your account and start your trial period .
With this test formula, no risk of buying a product that does not satisfy you. The process is simple: you register, you test by yourself and see if the tool is useful for your business .
This is the advantage of having at the head of the startup a seasoned entrepreneur, aware of the blockages that some confreres or customers reluctant to pay several hundred euros for products or services they do not know their true efficiencies.
Some user reviews from

Roadmap: Other features planned for the coming months

  • Adding an alternative payment processor to Stripe (for anyone who can not use Stripe)
  • Adding features in the auto-responder
  • Split-tests (A / B tests) in the page editor
  • Reduction code creation system
  • Visual editor for automation
  • Marketplace to promote affiliate training of other users
  • Show users what videos they have watched and improve navigation for members of trainings

Strengths of

  • The cheapest all-in-one marketing tool on the market! Nothing to do with Clickfunnels or others rates.
  • Very easy to use and to use
  • All the tools you need in one place (training space, autoresponder, video hosting, capture and sales pages, etc.)
  • Possibility of selling your physical products for your business ecommerce (in dropshipping or not)
  • Modern and formidable design
  • The cream of the crop of webmarketing features (order bumps, 1-click upsells, automated webinars, affiliate system, etc.)
  • A product for webentrepreneurs, by a webentrepreneur
  • Very frequent updates (improvements, new features, bug fixes) as you can see above
    Tested and approved by already almost 1000 customers! weaknesses:

  • Training tools hitherto a little neglected compared to marketing features
  • Lack of templates in the page editor
  • Few tutorials currently
  • No advanced features in the autoresponder compared to competitors
  • Impossibility for the moment to perform A / B tests


With , you can test without any risk and benefit from the free trial for 14 days. So, you will only have to see for yourself if the paid formula will be profitable for you in the long run.
In any case on our side, we are seduced by this choice alternative to Learnybox and Clickfunnels .
Even if some minor options are still missing and will arrive sooner or later, is a success story for both the infopreneurs and the webmarketers who have tried it.
Not to mention that its price is ridiculous compared to other tools on the market!

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